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How It All Started

Rock River Homes is owned and managed by lifelong Virginia Resident, Corey Morrissette. Forged from a family of builders, Corey himself dug his first footing at the young age of 10 on a backhoe, and it was there his own passion took root. He started an excavation company when he was 18 and later expanded that with Rock River Homes building its first home in 2007.

Where We Are Today

Today we thoughtfully apply our knowledge of real estate, space planning, interior design, land development and quality home construction to each project.

We strive every day to live up to our reputation for beautifully crafted homes and strong relationships with our clients. Our team is honored to partner with you to bring your vision, the place you call home, to life.

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Get to Know Our Team

What do you get when you combine experience, industry insight, and a passion for exceeding customer expectations? A home-building team you can count on.

Meet Our Team

Client Stories

JT and Lacey Palmore share how RRH helped them build a new home on their family’s land, incorporating sentimental elements throughout.

Who We Are

Our Mission

To build quality custom homes by treating customers like family – every step of the way.

Our Vision

To provide every family in Virginia the remarkable experience of building their new custom home – and feeling great about their decisions along the way.

Our Values

Values matter, and at Rock River Homes, each member of our team aims to:


Do the right thing.

We work hard to earn your trust, because we know building a custom home is a big deal. Our customers count on us to have their best interest at heart and to do the right thing for them. Every time.


Show empathy.

We approach every interaction through the lens of the customer. This helps us remember that even though we build custom homes every day, for many of our customers, this journey is new.


Always find a way.

Determination, persistence and problem solving are at our core. This approach to life and work has been embraced by everyone on our team, and it is a promise we are proud to make to our customers.

Who We Are

Our Values

Values matter, and at Rock River Homes, each member of our team aims to:


Do the Right Thing.

For us to be the most sought after and trusted homebuilder, we have to give our best and act in a way that earns the trust of all those we interact with.


Show Empathy.

We strive to approach situations with curiosity, not conviction. We ask questions and seek to understand so we may improve communication, strengthen working relationships and elevate our customer experience.


Always Improve.

We are committed to continuous improvement both individually and together as a whole. This means being real about where we have opportunities to make changes for the better and seeking to learn and grow every day.


Have Fun.

We love the work we do and we have fun doing it. Things don’t always go according to plan, but we try to find the fun in the unexpected.


Find a Way.

Determination, persistence and problem solving are at our core. We believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way. This approach to life and work brings a sense of accomplishment to every day.

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