Welcome to Rock River Homes

Rock River Homes is owned and managed by Corey Morrissette, a lifelong Virginia resident. Born into a family of builders, he and his siblings learned much about the industry as they were growing up. This background is evident in the current generation of Morrissettes as Corey and his brothers and sisters have all pursued careers in housing, design, real estate, land development, masonry and excavation.

Where it all started

Rock River Homes got its official start in 2007 when Corey wanted to expand the scope of his excavation company and built on land he owned in a rural county in Central Virginia. In a time when home sales were dwindling and builders were going out of business, Corey made the bold move to provide a product not commonly offered in those markets. His philosophy was, regardless of the size of the home, it should be built with care, well thought out design, quality finishes, attention to detail, and a sense of individuality. In addition, it was important that his company would be built on a reputation for quality and strong relationships with his clients.





A Family Business

Corey's family rallied around his dream and worked to make it happen. As each client chose Rock River, they were deeply appreciated and welcomed to the Rock River family. The company now builds throughout the state of Virginia and the philosophies that built the company still hold true today. Every client is valued and every house is important. Rock River feels honored to partner with you in bringing your vision to life, the place you call home.