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Unexpected Places Pests May Be Hiding

As a homeowner, pest control can be a great cause for concern. Not only can they damage your home, regularly seeing pests can lead to serious cases of anxiety. Unfortunately, you can have pests without seeing them lingering on your property. Typically, these critters like to hide in dark places, so you should search hidden areas including:

Electrical Outlets

Smaller bugs like ants, beetles, and bed bugs commonly look for small entry points like electrical outlets. If you suspect your home has an infestation, check for a powdery residue near your outlets. If there’s powder present, take the cover off and check for bugs. This is usually a sign that you have bugs in various parts of your home.

Junk Drawers

Junk drawers are one of the best places for critters to live. The lack of organization makes it easy for them to hide in plain sight. Not only is clutter a great place for them to hide, but it also makes reproduction much easier. To minimize in-home pest breeding grounds, be sure to clean and organize your junk drawers on a regular basis.

Christmas Trees

Since you only use your Christmas tree once a year, packing it up and leaving it in your basement makes it the perfect living space for pests like spiders and mites. Oftentimes, they breed on the branches without you realizing they’re even in your home. Then, you bring the same tree that is covered in eggs into your living room so they can hatch.

It’s best to do a simple flashlight inspection every year before decorating your Christmas tree. If you notice bugs or eggs on your tree, you should hose it down. In severe cases, you should invest in a new Christmas tree.


If you carry a purse, it’s a good idea for you to clean it at least once a week. Bed bugs are infamous for hiding in purses, which is how they travel between locations. Even if your home isn’t the source of pests, they can enter your home by hiding in your purse.

Here at Rock River Homes, we love building beautiful and comfortable homes for families to enjoy. But if you think your home is comfortable, odds are pests do too. Use these tips to check for sneaky pests periodically. And be sure to check our blog regularly for new and helpful blog posts!

By Rock River Homes 8-25-2021

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