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Happy Anniversary with Rock River Homes!

Happy 2nd Work Anniversary to Emily & Travis! We have a double Anniversary here at Rock River and it just so happens they are married as well. We are super excited to have both of them on our team!

Emily is constantly on the go handling Sales for Rock River. She is a superstar and her bubbly personality always keeps her upbeat and infuses high energy into our office.

Travis is a hardworking Project Manager, who always has a smile on his face, giving us all a reason to smile in return. He loves to sing, and has been known to win singing competitions with his great voice.

In their spare time, you can find them chasing their 2 year old Skylar and traveling to new places. Thanks for everything that y’all do Emily & Travis!

By emilymorrissette-chime-me 5-14-2020

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