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Key Décor Ingredients

January 19, 2018

Any comfortable room needs some glamour, and this requires a good touch of interior decorating. Décor adds life, love, and comfort to any room when well applied. Your room will definitely need some useful décor features to come to life.

Lighting Options

Light is a key décor ingredient in bringing a room to life. It should be soothing - neither too dim nor too bright. Multiple light sources are much more appealing than a single light source. Too much light is obviously uncomfortable and too little light leads to too much straining. You could also consider natural light during the day. Have window dressings that can bring in the light during the day. A room bathed in streaming sunlight from the windows is always beautiful a beautiful sight to behold.


Every beautiful thing deserves to be called a jewel, and an adorable art piece in the room will perform that function just right. Art gives life and warmth to a room. The art piece can also be chosen to reflect the theme of the room or the personality of the homeowner. 

A Theme

The home requires a common theme that it adheres to. It should be a comfortable theme to which all other colors and patterns in the rooms conform to. Everything should blend together according to your chosen theme example, a minimalistic theme, vibrant theme, vintage theme and so on.

Bold drapes

Drapes need to be bold to give character to a room. They are a wonderful way of introducing your theme colors and they accentuate the room better. Drapes also need to be a little translucent to allow a bit of natural light into the room and if they are thick, make sure you can draw them apart to bring in natural light. Avoid plastic drapes, as they look unnatural and unsightly.

Comfortable Rug/ Carpet

This is a must-have décor feature if you want to give your home that exquisite feeling of comfort. Choose a rug preferably in a bright color such as white or a beautiful darker shade if you have kids who are prone to staining it. A rug makes a room look inviting and gives it a soft outlook. 

A Nice Mirror

A nice large mirror gives a room a magical feeling. It makes space seem larger, open, brighter and unique. Its shiny appeal gives the room some glamour and reduces any feeling of confinement especially if the rooms in your home are small.

A Variety of Textures

Texture variety adds dimensionality and character to a room. Well blended textures transform the room into something unique. Experiment with different textures and use the ones that complement each other to bring out the best look for your room.

Elegant Upholstery

Adding creatively styled furniture such as a coffee table or ottoman for the living room accentuates the appeal of the room perfectly. If the room is the bedroom, you can add a king-sized bed frame and use vintage bedding. This is the time to do your research on elegant upholstery to see just how far you are willing to go to project that unique elegance in your home.


A room also needs some add-ons like throw pillows. These make the room much more fun and comfortable plus you can use them for almost anything, sleeping lounging and so on. Other add-ons include plants placed neatly by the window, ottomans, a small aquarium might do, and creatively styled electronics.


A big flat screen television is also a nice way to decorate a room. It gives the room life and is essential for entertainment. It also acts as a cover on one of the walls to break the monotony of the single color of the walls.

Adding the above décor items to a room, will assure you have a private paradise where you come to unwind at the end of every day.