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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Sink

January 19, 2018

If the kitchen is the the heart of the home, surely the sink is the heart of the kitchen. A kitchen sink is used for everything from washing dishes to cleaning produce. It is vital to consider all of your options when choosing a new sink for your home.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a sink for your home is what size sink you will need. In many homes the counter space in the kitchen may be small or compact, making your sink size matter significantly. Ideally, a sink should take up no more than a quarter of the total counter space, and there are many options on the smaller end of the spectrum to help you make the most out of your space while still having a functional, practical sink.


Another major choice you will need to make when shopping for a sink is what material it is made from. You will want to consider the décor of the rest of your kitchen and chose a material that is attractive but also be sure to evaluate how easy the material is to clean and how durable it is. For example, porcelain may be charming and classy but easily breakable, while natural stone has great durability but can be heavy and require reinforcement. Overall the most popular choice is stainless steel due to its ease of maintenance, affordability, and neutral appearance. 


It is also crucial to be aware of what type of mounting style will be used to install the sink. The most common type of mount is called a "top-mount" and is the easiest to install; the sink simply fits over the countertop. The "under-mount" is another basic option, where the sink fits below the countertop. For people looking for a more folksy or farmhouse feel, an apron front sink may be the best style. In an apron sink, the front is exposed. Finally, the most fashionable choice is currently an integrated sink, which fits into the countertop so that it is one smooth surface. Integrated sinks are found in many designer homes, but are the most expensive and difficult to install.


You may also want to consider what sort of extra features you may like for your sink to have. There are many designs you may find useful for you and your family, such as having a double sink, or even an additional chopping section. Single sinks are useful for filling large pots or otherwise cooking and preparing large meals at once, while double sinks can make the process of washing dishes much easier. If you are working within a small space, you may want to look into kitchen sink accessories that can hook onto your sink or even sit on top of it to maximize space, such as over-the-sink cutting boards or in-sink towel racks.


Most importantly, have fun when shopping for a new sink! With more models available on the market than ever, there are functional and attractive options to suit every budget and style.