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Avoid These Common Landscaping Mistakes This Fall

At Rock River Homes, we aim to place our homes on beautiful lots of land and in pleasant communities. Central Virginia has a lot to offer, and we want to make sure that families get to enjoy a slice of that beauty with their own property. And while a beautifully landscaped yard is something to be enjoyed, it takes work to keep it that way. Avoid making unnecessary work for yourself by avoiding these common landscaping mistakes this Fall.

Not Setting Yourself Up For Spring

Fall is a great opportunity to prepare your yard for Spring. Take the time now to arrange your garden with cold hardy bulbs. You’ll be pleasantly reminded of the work you put in months ago when brightly colored blooms begin to poke through your frosted yard. You’ll be rewarded with a lovely visual cue that warmer days are arriving.

Not Removing Fallen Leaves

Raking leaves is not just for maintaining appearances, it is also important for maintaining the health of your grass. Piles of dead leaves can prevent your grass from getting the airflow they need to thrive. And as Winter brings snow and ice, these dead leaves can become wet and soggy, providing the perfect conditions for snow mold to develop. Snow mold in turn will result in a patchy and uneven lawn when Spring rolls around. To promote lush, green, grasses, be sure not to neglect fallen leaves this Fall.

Forgoing Aeration

Aeration is critical for your lawn and garden to flourish. It prevents your soil from becoming compacted and difficult to work with and improves airflow for plant roots. Many people choose to aerate during the Spring but this often leaves room for weeds to take over. Fall is the superior time to do this chore to reap all the benefits while thwarting weeds from taking over in the off season.

Neglecting to Prepare Tools for Storage

After several seasons of hard work, you may be eager to put your tools away. You spent a lot of time and money collecting tools that help you maintain your lawn and garden. You can help them last if possible, by taking a little time to clean them up before you store them away. Use a wire brush to remove build up vegetation and dirt and take the time to give tools with blades new edges using a file.

By Rock River Homes 9-30-2021

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